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I was born in 1961 into a military family in Sept-Iles, Quebec. By the time I was 6, I had lived in Sept Iles, St. Bruno (Montreal) and finally North Bay, Ontario. In 1971 we relocated to Lahr, Germany; and what an incredible experience that was. I was an avid skier and spent as much time on the slopes as possible. The highlight was always Ski Week, a school trip to Biberwier, Austria for a week of skiing in February. I was actually quite a good skier, winning silver in Slalom.

But I digress.

Living in Germany and having the opportunity to do weekend, and even day trips to amazing places like France and Switzerland is where I got the itch to travel.

In 1975, we moved back to Canada, Moncton, New Brunswick. The Maritimes, such a beautiful region, so much to discover. In fact Canada has so much to discover, and discover I did, from coast to coast (Unfortunately I haven't met Newfoundland yet, but I will).

In 1987 I settled in Toronto, Ontario and my travels took a bit of a hiatus, of course with the exception of the annual all inclusive to the Caribbean. Then after much nudging from a friend we finally jumped on our first cruise and never looked back. It's not that I don't love a great all inclusive, (I'm a real beach bum. I traded the white snow for white sand) but why see one place when you can wake up and experience a new place every day.

That was a little more than a bit about me and if you made it this far, thank you.

Now on to how Travel Groups That Care came about.

In 2014 I started wondering what next. Having spent my life in the hospitality industry working in restaurants and hotels doing everything from chief pot washer to General Manager I knew I would more than likely never stop working. As much as I like lazy sea days or lounging on the beach I don't really see myself ever not working. So I thought travel, I love it, why not. I ventured into my neighborhood Cruise Ship Centers location and had a talk with the owner. What I learned was that the consultants that work out of the locations really operate their own small business with the buying power and technology of Expedia to back them up. Perfect, I didn't plan on retiring from my present job for a few years and this would give me the perfect opportunity to learn the business. And what a lot of learning there was, and is, things change at lightning speed and keeping up is a full time job in itself. Although my business encompasses all travel, my major focus is on cruise. While going through the training programs with all of our cruise partners there was always an emphasis on group travel and what really stuck with me was charity group travel. This is perfect, of course I want my business to be successful, but what I really want it to be successful with a purpose. I want to give back.

Travel Groups That Care is born. 

My mission is to partner with registered charities.

Most companies support charities, they also have seminars and trade shows in large metropolitan hubs where participants fly in to attend. Why not host the events on a cruise ship, they can cater to large and small groups. Best of all, the cruise lines will partner with me and make a donation to the charity for every stateroom booked into the group. I will also make a donation to the charity for every stateroom booked. It's a win, win. 

If you're involved with a charity, are looking to have a large family gathering or any other personal or professional event, click on the contact me button and lets chat. Although through Expedia I have access to amazing rates or additional amenities on many sailings all over the world, every featured sailing on this site means a donation will be made to the charity indicated by the logo beside the sailing on the feature page, or to the charity of your choice.